ALFACARO state of mind

Brand identity

Alfacaro - identité de la marque

ALFACARO, a brand owned by the uncontested leader of the French ceramic tiles market, the GROUPE CERABATI, invites you to discover its 2015 collections.

Our industrial investments, particularly at the Paulhaguet plant, are symbolic of our determination to hone existing French know-how in ceramic tile manufacture, with full NF-UPEC certification.

We also take pride in the application of a good practices charter in our production facilities, so as to ensure that environmental protection is taken into account every day.

Choose Alfacaro, the French manufacturer who combines expertise, professionalism and excellent service.


At its factory in Paulhaguet, Haute Loire (France), ALFACARO invests in what can be described overall as best practices.

Adopting an ecological approach involves implementing methods that allow the company to engage in production whilst reducing its impact on the environment. At Alfacaro, this investment in the future takes the form of applying the best practices approach all the way from designing the collections to delivering the products.


• Respect for natural sites: Alfacaro is committed to restoring vegetation at quarries and re-establishing the sites morphologically.


emissions-dans-air-interieur• Reduction of polluting emissions: A+
• Optimisation of water and energy consumption: the reprocessing of waste water means that water and energy consumption is reduced to the absolute minimum.



Alfacaro - Protection - Environnement - Recyclage• Nothing is lost: Alfacaro has created a system to collect and re-use production waste, water used in production, raw materials contained in this water, and the heat generated at certain stages of the production process.
• Controlled management of waste: the principle is to anticipate and limit its production, sort it, and also try to use recyclable materials.



A new brand



Through its new identity, GROUPE CERABATI asserts itself as a proud agent of its market and country.

The Group carries all the values and qualities of all the French brands in its new signature. The new logotype reflects the strength of the Group, as well as its lasting image and its unique know-how, grounding of its personnality.

Key figures

  • 1 french production plant located in Paulhaguet (43).
  • 130 employees.
  • 25 millions euros of forecasted invoices in 2014.
  • Production ability : 3 million square meters. In the future : 5 million.
  • 1 sample department.
  • Storage ability : 2 million square meters.
  • 5 million euros of investments.
  • 1 R&D center.
  • French Production 100 % certifiée NF, UPEC.
  • 1 20 people-salesteam
  • 3 customer-oriented Sales Managers (French dealers, DIY and export market)
  • 8 people dedicated to customer satisfaction